Radio Himalayan 99.7 Mhz is a commercial radio station located at Jagate, Bhaktapur. We are offering continuous broadcast of contents like news, entertainment, commercial and features programs for 18 hours a day.  The radio transmitter of five hundred watt has an access to almost parts of the Kathmandu valley; along with the coverage areas in other nearest surrounding areas with millions of listeners.

हामी तपाईको क्षेत्रमा तपाईकै आवाज , विचार , गुनासा सुन्न र सुनाउन आयका छौ

In this context, Radio Himalayan 99.7 Mhz welcomes all its stakeholders and institutions to put up creative partnership and coordination to achieve the vision of well–known and conscious society through direct broadcasting of relevant, justified, logical and practical information to be success towards.